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IAAD Director
Laura Milani, Turin, after the scientific high school, studied architecture and design in Turin. She specialized in marketing communication and international marketing. She matured a significant part of professional experience in Carré Noir, an international agency specialized in corporate and brand image.

She taught “Advertising Communication” at IAAD and since 2000, only 28 years old, she became Director and CEO.
In 2003 she activated the department of “Industrial Design”, adding it to the 3 historical - Transportation, Interior and Graphic.

In 2005 she led IAAD, first in Italy, to the European accreditation of qualifications: licenses issued thus became recognized by EABHES - European Bachelor and Master of Science in design, with 4 possible specializations.

In 2007, thanks to a personal study “Democratic expansion of the companies”, she actived in Mexico City, the first international and education partnership with Rigoletti Casa de Diseño. The experience was in
practice the start-up for the international future of IAAD.

In 2008 she officially opened the dialogue with institutions, industry and artisanship associations and related industrial sectors for the activation of the first course of Italian degree on the theme “Design of sustainable mobility and means of transport”.

In 2009, through the collaboration with ISIA Florence, she reached the goal and officially announced the opening of the first Italian Bachelor in “Design of sustainable mobility and means of transport” (duration 3 years, 180 credits CFA), whose classes started in October 2010.

In 2013, after years of intense work and dialogue with the institutions, more than 100 national and international companies and major trade associations, she officially obtained the accreditation from the Ministry of Education of the courses as Italian Bachelor (180 CFA) with 5 possible specializations: Product design, Interior design, Textile and fashion design, Transportation design, Communication Design. The diplomas issued by IAAD are according to the AFAM-ISIA system and recognized as Italian law degree.

In 2012 she signed an important partnership with École de Condé, the first group of private universities in France with offices in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Nancy and Bordeaux. The courses in Italy and France add up and open to students of both realities: thus a broad coherent educational offer with the specificity of their respective territories, with cross-cutting workshops and the opportunity to continue their studies in different locations.

Since the academic year 2013-2014, thanks to an agreement with the City of Turin and Lavazza, the university moved to new premises in a new and requalified district, within the future Lavazza headquarters, with 3,000 square meters available for educational activities, exhibitions and conferences. The regeneration and restoration works have been designed by the architect Cino Zucchi with Picco Architetti. Always in the academic year 2013-2014, she activated the first edition of the Bachelor in “Textile and Fashion Design” (value 180 credits CFA). The course meets the demand of the international market of trained professionals to interface with the many facets of the fashion market.

In 2015, she activated the first edition of the Bachelor in “Digital communication design” (value 180 credits CFA) thus expanding the training offer IAAD to the professions of the future communication. In October 2015 Laura Milani represented the City of Turin in quality of delegate of the Mayor Piero Fassino to the Third General Assembly of GDCO – Global Design Cities Organization in Ankara - Turkey.

In 2016 she capitalized on the excellent relations existing with Giorgetto Giugiaro, who became President of IAAD Department of “Transportation Design”. In accordance with the territory and major institutions, the aim is to create an international cultural-educational center of excellence and on the car design themes of transportation and mobility.

In 2017, at the conclusion of a research project on the relationship between creativity and childhood, she founded La Scuola Possibile. A liberal-minded school that finally focuses the attention on each single child, on his needs, potentialities and aspirations. The school is not only a physical space of instruction, but instead it’s the time of the education which covers the whole approach to life. In the same year IAAD joins also the Association “Coordinamento Istituzioni Afam non Statali” and the Director Laura Milani is appointed the Vice-President of the Association.

In May 2017 she received the Curcio Prize for Creative Activity for her “contribution to the scientific development and application of Italian Design in the national and international context”. In June 2017 she was named President of “Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino”, considered one of the most important museums in the world for the richness of the heritage it conserves and for the multiplicity of its scientific and educational activities.

In October 2017 she became member of the Steering Committee of the Foundation for Architecture in Torino.

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